Sunday, April 01, 2007

Risk Schmisk

We took the children here today. I know that it is important to let children take risks for these reasons....

But when they do this...

it makes me feel like this....

......and when I get home I need one of these..... the moral of the story is....

.....risk taking is not good for parents.


Stray said...

But red wine is good for your heart and prevents cancer and all that jazz ... so, really they're doing you a favour!

Plus - you had all that practice at regulating your internal world ... you should thank them for their generous gift of an opportunity to grow as a human being.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what a marvellous blast from the past. I used to love that place. That and Fountains Abbey. I'm an exiled tyke myself. School trips with sandwiches wrapped in greaseproof from tupperware and warm flat pop! As you say - Risk Shmisk - you can't not go climbing at Brimham, it's a right of passage! x

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi lovely Stray - so it's a gift, is it??! Mmm, that sounds familiar to me, though I swear I would never use that phrase myself!

Hi equally lovely Dan, yeah Brimham rocks is a fantastic place. It's just that some of the rocks go so damn high, and my heart is in my mouth as I watch the kids get higher and higher....

Anonymous said...

I do of course, mean "Rite of Passage" D'oh.

Ms Melancholy said...

We knew what you meant hon. There is no spelling fascism here though.

bobo said...

I was sort of following your argument up to and until the whole red wine thing, and then felt a tremor of logical unease.

Regardless of Stray's truth that red wine is virtually a health food, I have a suspicion ... only that mind ... that a large glass of red wine is the end point of a large number of children related interactions. So it would be difficult to tease out any particular heart stopping moment that drove you to drink.

And besides, can it really be "Healthy risk-taking" if you've got your mum around? I can't remember any of my childhood near death experiences involving having my mum around ... unless you include being chased around the garden by a deranged woman welding a large wooden spoon (the Thermo-Nuclear deterrent in our house).

Caroline said...

oh my - how many children do you have climbing that huge rock thang??????
I suggest that next time you take the wine with you. It'll make it a much easier experience.

That's so pants said...

I love this Ms Melancholy, obviously. Just by the by - can you tell me how you manage to post pictures with text interspersed. I so don't get how that's done. Yours pantily clad, as always

Ms Melancholy said...

Dearest BoBo, you spotted the fatal flaw in my argument, as almost every day ends in a glass of red wine. But trips to Brimham Rocks require especially large ones.

Lovely Caroline, I have never thought of that before. I shall take it with me on an IV drip the next time.

Darling Pants, you are asking a numpty this question. I basically uploaded the photos as normal, and they appear at the top of the page. I then cut and pasted them where I wanted them to be. I don't know if there's a better way? Glad to see you back with us!

anna said...

Agree with Caroline. Move the red wine from the bottom of the page to the top worries.

rivergirlie said...

i'm sure drinking red wine is better for you than biting your nails so, yeah, just reprioritise -says the helicopter mother who keeps the doctor's number on speed-dial.

yellowduck said...

Very scary.

At the moment I am none too bothered about Duckling falling down the flights of stairs or down the climbing rack.

She'll just say 'ouch' and 'oopsadaisy' and get up again. Her bones appear to be made of rubber.

But that changes then, doesn't it?

Perhaps next time you should dress your herd of children in body armour and shock absorbers. They may look silly then but it is for their own good.

That argument always works a blast.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi anna, advice most welcome!

Hi rivergirlie, doctor's number on speed dial? Why hadn't I thought of that?

Hey ducky, you are right about little ones having bones made of rubber. Small children bounce rather well, don't they? Problem is they go higher the older they get...although I do recall grandma bringing my 2 yr old home from the park and saying how clever he was climbing to the top of the slide all by himself. This was one of the old-fashioned slides that was about 10ft high....and he had never been allowed up to the top on his own before. Ouch.

Reissurääpäle said...


Don´t worry too much Ms Melancholy. If your kids get climbing enough when young they might not come climbers when older. ;)

But what an exellent place that Brimham.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi reiss (I'll stick there if that's ok) - that would be something to be thankful for. I'm sure if they decide to free climb the eiger as adults I will fret just as much as I did on Sunday! Brimham is very beautiful, and very exciting. I do climb there with them too....

Reissurääpäle said...

Hi Ms Melancholy

That Brimham of yours looks so interesting that if I happened to visit around I must get myself there.

Have to say that your text made me think what my mom really thinks about my climbing...??

Thanks for that

BWT: Reiss is fine for me

Ms Melancholy said...

Oh Reiss, I'm sure your mum hates it!!! But don't let that stop you. It really musn't stop you x

Anonymous said...

Ms. Melan,

Just seen your blog via Dandelion, living very close to B.R. myself, thought I would mention that the final scenes of Omen 3 were filmed there (in conjunction with Fountains Abbey) as well as the BBC's adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot to give a mention to Scar House and Angram reservoirs, further up Nidderdale, another beautiful place to explore.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi ad, and thanks for the tips! Will get out my OS map...

Clare said...

Ooh, Brimham Rocks!

God I loved that place when I was a kid. Still do, in fact.

As for the whole nailbiting thing... it seems to have skipped a generation with me. On Sunday, my father was the one biting his fingernails and sucking his teeth as me and my four-yr-old son gaily dangled together off the edge of Peel Tower...

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