Monday, April 30, 2007

Have I Ever Mentioned That I Live In Yorkshire....?




We spent yesterday afternoon at Horton in Ribblesdale watching the Three Peaks fell race. In the rest of the country this race is known as the Yorkshire Three Peaks, in order to distinguish it from the National Three Peaks challenge. Around these parts it is just the Three Peaks. Or to be more accurate, t' Three Peaks. Never let it be said that us Yorkshire folk are either insular or self regarding. I think this post is really just an excuse for me to post some beautiful pictures and feel happy that I live in the arse end of nowhere near some of the best hill walking in the country. Never let it be said that us Yorkshire folk are smug.

The three peaks is a gruelling race. A 24 mile long run and a total climb of 4,500 ft over rough country, this is not a race for beginners. The runners arrived at the finish line to the sparse commentary of a local retired runner. Folks don't retire from running until well into their 70s in this part of the world, and this weathered old tyke looked like he had seen a few races in his day.

He wasn't easily impressed. Welcoming back the 10th runner he announced to the smallish crowd that this man had come third last year. "'ee's not as fit as 'ee was" came the commentary. A gentle smile went round the crowd, more out of sympathy than mocking for the poor bloke who looked truly exhausted as he staggered over the finish line.

"Alreet, lad, tha's done well" he greeted the youngest runner, who, at just 18 yrs of age, had come a remarkable 8th place.

There were runners from all over the country. "This lad's from Thames 'arriers" announced the tyke. "Ah think that's dahn south" he added helpfully. The first woman came in around about 15th overall, which was a really remarkable achievement. "And t' first o' t' ladies is here" came the announcement, "an' she 'as a dog for company'. She had run the race with her border collie. It was strangely touching.

It was a beautiful reminder of why I chose to move back to Yorkshire after many years of living in London and Manchester. These rural events are so gentle and understated. There was no flash, no hype, no grandiosity, no high expression of emotion. Just lots of people enjoying the beautiful fells and a feeling of belonging.

Pictures of the fells taken from a three peaks website. Photographer not credited.


Liz said...

Oh wow...I want to move there! It looks so bucolic and un-LA. And I feel like a total laze-about because I can barely run 2 miles without falling over with a stitch in my side. I hope I can get up without assistance when I hit 70!

Stray said...

Sounds grand :)

I imagine there may have been the odd firm back slap and the offer of a pint of best, but no hugs or champagne or fancy celebrations!

Oh, the border collie was strangely touching for me too. My ruby would do that race no bother, but I might collapse about 100 yards in.

Now. If we can just sort out that worm hole to move between dahn sarf and oop north in a matter of moments, it would be perfect!


Ms Melancholy said...

Hi Liz, I still remember that post of yours when the children were pointing at the hills in the skyline, which they had never seen because of the smog. It still amazes me!

Hey Stray, I'm working on the portal to the south. Until then the train will have to do x

Badger said...

Cool. That sounds like an ace day. I go to Exmoor a fair bit as my father has a house there, and i just love the days out with the lads from down there. This reminded me of it alot. Like you say, proper country folk enjoying things.... I really must head down again soon as its been too long. I dont think I have been down since last August - bad me! They must be thinking I have got sucked into a London cab and never let out.

anticant said...

Oh, those green remembered hills.....

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey Badger, for some reason I am smiling at the thought of you out with the lads!

Hey anticant, especially for you that one x

Reading the Signs said...

Lovely place and all, but what has come and grabbed me is the mind's picture of that woman with the border collie. For more than a split second I wished with all my heart to be her - there, running, with dog. And me a cat-lover. Have you read Philip Pullman's Northern Lights? Perhaps the dog was her daemon.

Ad said...

Lovely post, you've reminded me about the agricultural shows towns and villages put on over the summer months in these parts too, the one stop showcase for country living, sheep dog trials, shearing competitions, livestock best in class, local fayre and humour.

Thanks ms. melan

Aaron said...

Ohhhh lovely hills.

Where is my mountain bike?

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey Signs, yes there was just something about the dog. That's a lovely thought, that she was running with her daemon.

Hey ad, yes, the summer is much like that here too. I have friends in Manchester and we had this conversation last year:
'what did you get up to over the bank holiday?
'Oh, we went to Pride. How about you?'
'We went to a sheep festival.'
I felt slightly embarrassed. You know what I mean, don't you?

Hey tygs, there is a three peaks for mountain bikes too, if you fancy? A bit steep for me, although I do like a bit of off road stuff.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey ad, you live in the Dales too! Have just been on your blog x

That's so pants said...

I am seriously getting the allure of the countryside, believe me. Your photos are delicious.

Ms Melancholy said...

You know Pants, I lead such a quiet life these days and it really feels lovely. I lived in Hackney when I was younger and I loved it there. There are definitely things that I miss about London, but now I love the moors and the birds and the clear skies. I can even put up with grumpy northerners :)

Francesca said...

I went there for the first time a few weeks ago.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey Francesca, hope you enjoyed it.

Misslionheart said...

You can't beat Yorkshire for the walking, scenery and of course the folk!

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey MissLionheart, you are absolutely right, of course! And if that's a picture from your window on your latest post, it looks pretty stunning where you are.x

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