Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Swimming With The Fishes....

OMG!!! I did it, I did it, I did did did it! I bloody well snorkelled out of my depth without turning into a jelly fish.

As the boat which had just deposited us in the middle of the sea sped off, I realised that I was torn between two equally compelling forces: the desire to scream and panic and thrash about wildly, and the compulsion to respond to the archaic internal narrative which was telling me not to make a fuss and draw attention to myself (or, indeed, spoil things for the lovely Polish-American couple who were with us.) The internal voice won over, and I just got on with it in British-stiff-upper-lip manner.

And actually, it was fab! I saw spotted fish, stripy fish, pink and green fish, pink and purple fish, fish with long fins, a fish wearing lipstick, blue starfish, lovely coral and a brown ugly sludgy thingy that was apparently a moray eel. I think all the rest of them had names too, but I was far too elated when I got back on the boat to look in the book.

I really hope I shan't have to change my mind about CBT.