Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy Times This Christmas...

  • I am a fan of anything that kids and parents can enjoy together – The Simpsons, rollercoasters, hash cookies – and Guitar Hero ticks all the boxes. For the uninitiated this is a PS2 game where you simulate rock riffs with a real-life (well, plastic) guitar which attaches to the console. The four of us played for many an hour and I discovered that firstly, I am a very competitive parent and, secondly, I could give Suzi Quatro a run for her money. Normally I am utterly and laughingly hopeless at PS2 games but let me tell you, this mum really ROCKS! (And The Husband found it strangely arousing…)

  • Family dance classes: showing my son ‘how we did it in my day’ to the Arctic Monkeys, and him laughing so hard he turned puce.

  • The annual trip to the pantomime. We laughed loudly, we booed even more loudly, we shouted ‘behind you’ and we sang along competitively to a ridiculous song. The Husband is so loud and potentially embarrassing that we draw straws for who sits next to him. I hope the kids don’t grow out of this.

  • Tucking my son up in bed on Christmas night, and him telling me it has been his best Christmas ever. He says it every year, and every year I find it more touching.

  • Spending four days with my loveliest, bestest friend, laughing and crying in equal measures and remembering how special it is to have some women-time.


Caroline said...

Hi. Welcome home.
I haven't discovered Guitar Hero yet. I am rather rubbish at all things PS2, but I am fantastic at SingStar. Many a family hour has been spent singing and dancing around. My little one does a mean Papa don't Preach ... she's 3! It's all about laughing out loud and not taking yourself too seriously. Sounds like you've had lots of fun.

Ms Melancholy said...

Oh, we just love SingStar too! My siblings and I get enormously competitive whilst pretending to have fun, and the kids don't get a look in. My signature tune is 'Heart Of Glass', not because I can sing it but because I like to dance like Debbie Harry. Littlie sounds cute!

Good to be home, too.

Clare said...

Hahaha, I like the sound of your family.

And only this morning I got an email from a friend with a photo attached of his 3-yr-old daughter with his (he was comically indignant) Guitar Hero plastic guitar strapped around her neck.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hi Clare, so glad to hear someone else is a bit obsessed with Guitar Hero too! The kids just don't realise we only buy these toys for ourselves.

Adam Field said...

Singstar rocks!