Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why Oh Why Oh Why...?

I think what is missing from my children’s lives is the opportunity to bathe in a cocktail of chemicals every evening, inhaling noxious fumes and plastering the tiles with gunk. I can’t believe I have been depriving them of this luxury for so long. So thank goodness for Gelli Baff, a new product currently being advertised on children’s TV. I have ordered a shed-load to make up for my previously neglectful parenting.

PS – I give them three months before they are out of business. Surely nobody is this stupid?


Gorilla Bananas said...

"I give them three months before they are out of business. Surely nobody is this stupid?"

Baboons are pretty dumb. I once saw one trying to mate with a pumpkin.

Caroline said...

Why would anyone let their child into a bath of that??? Think of the mess! The mess! And then they'd need another bath. And bathtime is a nightmare. I think that their market may be guilt ridden parents with over-indulged children.

Gosh. I must order.

Anonymous said...

I think the spelling alone is enough to cause untold damage to little ones.

Gorilla: what's wrong with pumpkins?

That's so pants said...

Oooh Mr Zhisou got there first - I was going to say and you can also render them illiterate at the same time.

Ms Melancholy said...

Mr Bananas - my, what a lovely name you have. Thanks for dropping by.

Caroline, surely you don't feel that guilty? You need a stiff drink, not gelli-baff.

Mr Z, Ms P,- I agree. That alone is enough to make you heave.

Gorilla Bananas said...

"Mr Bananas - my, what a lovely name you have. Thanks for dropping by."

Thank you Ms Melancholy. Your name is also lovely, but in a rather sad way. You wouldn't by any chance be Swedish, would you? I heard somewhere that they quite enjoy being sad. Incidently, there is nothing wrong with pumpkins, but I draw the line at having sex with them.

Anonymous said...

Bananas, actually I think pumpkin is rather horrid myself, just an orange mush with an unpleasant aftertaste - I mean after having eaten it, not the other thing.

paulthecue said...

Well all week my kids have been naging and naging please dad get some Gelli Baff, so i called and bought some.
OH my god it was fantastic, the kids were in the bath for well over an hour and they had so much fun, it was brilliant, and it turns back to water HOW??
What the kids dont know is that i tried it too and it was such good fun, how do they come up with the ideas, will i recomend it YES 10/10 and i want some more.

Anonymous said...

can i buy Gelli Baff in the shops?

paulthecue said...

Not sure, i got mine off the TV Nicolodian channel 604 it was on a advert that seems to be running every day.

Ms Melancholy said...

Oh, good grief. My blog is turning into an advert for Gelli Baff. That is *so* not what I intended. Mr Paul, do you work for them? Please go at once and look for a proper job that lets you sleep easy in your bed at night. Without having had a Gelli Baff.

Anonymous said...

It's the coolest stuff ever--I just bought a case!

There's no mess, just add some salt and all the gel dissolves back into water.

At grandma's house, there's no bedtime, video games all day and night, chocolate cake for breakfast, and now, slime baths!

Sorry, but spoiling grandbabies are parents revenge for suffering through those teenage years.