Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gotta Get Yourself Connected...

I am heading off for a New Year jaunt tomorrow, staying with a lovely friend in the middle of bloody nowhere. Not only does she not have wireless connection, but I have just discovered she has no internet connection at all. How do people cope? I shall take my laptop anyway, so if anybody spots a desperate looking woman driving around the Forest of Dean with a laptop on her knee, it's just me looking for a hotspot. Any help would be much appreciated.

A happy New Year to you all xxx


nmj said...

Nah, you should leave your laptop and enjoy being unconnected for a few days, I know it's scary, but feel the fear and do it anyway!

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness! I fear for you!
How ever will you cope??????

;-0 laugh out loud. Some people have a life outside of the internet connection. Alas, I do not. I live inside my puter.

Happy New Year to you x

Political Umpire said...

Hello Ms Melancholy. Just checking out your blog, which I found c/o the Periodic Englishman. Interesting stuff (you, not him, though he is too).

I've tried for decades to get others, especially the fairer sex, interested in cricket. Safe to say Mr Ramprakash outdid me within a minute or two of stepping on the dance floor. Life's like that.

Ms Melancholy said...

Thanks for dropping by, Mr P-Ump. I did once spend a rather enjoyable day at Headingley watching Pakistan beat England, with a very sexy Imran Khan amusing the crowd. Dragged along by a man, of course, and have never ventured back. Ramps has caught my eye (sure there is a cricketing joke there if you fancy) but sadly I am very shallow and am interested only in his muscles. Nice to see you here though, and do pop in any time.

City Slicker said...

Welcome Back
The Digital Revolution has been great


Ms Melancholy said...

City Slicker, nice to be back! Had almost a week away from blogland and what fun it was, talking to real people! Happy new year to you too - may you continue to amuse me...x

City Slicker said...

Wow a week away
Good on you
You must not be addictive prone
Lucky again!

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