Thursday, December 14, 2006

John Humphrys Spoiled My Day...

I was driving over the moors last week on my usual trip to work. It was a clear, sunny day and I was pondering how bleak could also be beautiful when I spotted it: a Red Kite, hovering about 40 feet off the ground just ahead of me. I pulled over to savour the experience. I enjoyed a few moments of sweet melancholy (of the ‘I wish I was a Red Kite – life would be so simple’ variety) which then gave way to a feeling of contentment that I live where I live (because on a Bad Day it feels like the arse-end of nowhere.) I continued to work feeling happy with life.

I was driving the same road yesterday morning. The Today Programme was reporting how the reintroduction of the Red Kite in the UK has been an unprecedented success, given that it was nearing extinction 10 years ago.

“What a tender and heart-warming story” I thought to myself.

“I wonder if I will see my Kite today?”

John Humphrys continued. Apparently, we are in danger of gravely prohibiting their breeding by feeding them with kitchen scraps, as it inhibits their natural instinct to scavenge and expand their territory.

“We are, in fact, killing them with kindness” intoned Mr Humphrys (serious voice, grave concern conveyed.)

Why does John Humphrys always have to spoil things?


Atyllah said...

Er, we-ell, he does have a point, doesn't he. Would that someone would tell Granny Were not to feed all our distant, long lost cousins - the Hen House is becoming a menagerie, and I'm sure that's not right.

Ms Melancholy said...

You make me smile...:)

That's so pants said...

Perhaps JH has spent time in New York where people tell me red kites have taken over very nice people's balconies with their selfish sexual urges. I share your delight as I briefly saw a pair of red kites hovering over the London plane trees across the canal from my flat three years ago. They didn't stay. I hope they took up residence in Park Lane instead.

Ms Melancholy said...

I wonder if a pair of shagging kites on one's balcony adds value to the property?