Monday, June 11, 2007

So What Are You Up To This Week...?

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I predict an uneventful week ahead. Working, pottering, revising for my SATS helping my son to revise for his SATS, tiling the bathroom, blah.

And on Thursday I shall be at Waterstones in Manchester (91, Deansgate) listening to a promising new author read from her brand spanking new work of fiction. She is called Caroline Smailes. Have you heard of her?

Fancy a review of this yet-to-be-launched novel? Just scroll down a bit then: there's one I prepared earlier.

I have booked on a charabanc. Stray is our driver, Badger is in charge of maps and Bobo The Hysteric is providing the in-car entertainment. It is always worth taking an hysteric with you on a long trip. I shall be bringing the picnic. Ms M just loves to feed people. (Whaddya make of that, Dr Freud?) I have heard that lots of bloggers will be there, as well as people who just love books, and even some people who like to write about people who write books. I have heard that there might be room for just a couple more, so long as you are little.

So, like I said, an uneventful week ahead for me.

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.


Badger said...

I will only be on charge of my own map I am afraid. Which could prove dangerous as I have never been into the depths of Manchester before. But for Cas I shall, yes, yes I shall. Cant wait to meet you. Hope I am not to squeeky, I do worry.

Oh my I am first!!! am I!??

Badger x

trousers said...


It should be a great occasion.

I'll be jealous. I hope it all goes really well and is a night to remember (for all the right reasons).

Jude said...

I can assure you that having an hysteric aboard is very very demanding.

I had one on my trip to France.

Bobo doesn't sound like an hysteric though. He sounds like a sound man who related to Caroline's book.

He gets my vote.

anticant said...

Golly, are there still charabancs oop North? Haven't heard of or seen one of those for ages....Open seating with rain-protective hoods they were, when I was little.

Best wishes for the trip, and for Caroline's book.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey Badger, you squeak away honey. We shall all be squeaking with excitement anyway. Looking forward to meeting you xxx

Hey trousers in black, I still can't believe you are not going. What on earth is so important that it will keep you away from meeting the lovely Caroline in the flesh? Do you actually have an exciting life, trousers?

Hi there Jude, ah I wasn't exactly referring to Bobo's reaction to Cas's tearjerker - rather his normal run-of-the-mill behaviour which can be *ahem* shall we say a little attention seeking. Don't tell me you haven't noticed? He is absolutely allowed to cry at ISoA.

Anyway, I shall see you there (purple leggings wasn't it?) if the chara doesn't break down en route. I will be the one persuading Stray not to heely round the bookshop and trying to stop Bobo from spontaneously combusting. (Blog mum? Me?)

Hey lovely anticant, your trip sounds marvellous, and it sounds like you had your hands full too. Yes, we do still have charas in Yorkshire. We also still keep our coal in the bath and our children in the coal shed. Hope you well. Will visit you soon x

Caroline said...

I am not sure if this post has calmed or terrified me!

Can you be in *charge* of Bobo for the evening? Please.


Ad said...

If I can find my Passport for the Penines' may see you there too, MsM

Böbø said...

Is it wrong to so enjoy being teased by *beautiful* women?

I'm so looking forward to the picnic (do I need to bring Chocolate cake?). Even more looking forward to ♥ Ms MMMMmmm ♥ being in charge of me - dream come true or what :)

I also could help Badger with the map. I like maps. Don't know Manchester from my arse, but you know how that doesn't usually stop Boys. AND Jude has voted for me. I can feel a crush coming on ♥

Of course, how will I seek attention when it is Cas' moment to ***STAR***

Hmmmm ... tricky.

I'm not bringing my scary Monkey mask. And I'm leaving the whole recent danglely men's bits vib on my blog at home.

So I'll be a Good Boy for my Blog Mum
But it will be exciting
Really exciting
Hell, I'm excited now

(Good luck with your SATS)

Misssy M said...

Re: Cartoon

My students told me yesterday that they have started trying to be quoted in my blog and are upset that they've not managed so far. Well not since the only time I did quote them...

I thought they were behaving oddly....

Jude said...

I can't wear my purple leggings now because my daughter has stolen them.

I want to wear my LBD, but Caroline says I have to wear pyjamas and that isn't fair because she has pink pyjamas and I only have grey ones.

And how am I supposed to be stunning in grey pyjamas?

Everyone else has lovely costumes to wear (apart from Bobo who isn't bringing his scary mask, or his dangly bits).

Nevertheless, despite all this unfairness, I am rather thrilled to learn that if I play my cards right I may well be in with a chance of becoming ones of Bobo's crushes :-)

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey lovely Caroline, don't be terrified honey. We are travelling from all four corners of the country just to hear you read from your book, and make a witty and intelligent speech. What's to be scared about? Promise I will keep Bobo under wraps, although you might well want his Caroline Smailes impersonation skills by the end of the night.

Hi there ad, yes, my Pennines passport is out and dusted already. Do introduce yourself won't you?

Hey Bobo just sit back and enjoy honey. And keep calling us beautiful, ok?

Hey Missy, I sort of feel like we're related, you know? You being the younger, sweeter version of course, although your last post gives you away somewhat I'm afraid!

I can't imagine what your students are getting up to. You poor thing. You need a secret blog.

Oh darling Jude, I have absolutely no doubt that Bobo will be crushing on you within seconds of seeing your startling purple legs (I am guessing that you will snatch them from jaws of your unsuspecting daughter.) Or PJs. That sounds fab too.

trousers said...

Oh, don't rub it in Ms M. I can't believe I'm not going either.

trousers said...

It makes me feel blue...

hullaballoo said...

Wow, a blog chum outing to a book launch, and with a picnic. I like how you are being blog mum, Ms M. How cool is that. Sonds like quite a following you have Caroline, well done you for getting published. I haven't as yet read the book, but I have heard loads of good reviews of it.

Perhaps a minibus, a coach or even a passing GNER train could be hired for the Caroline's next book launch. Then we could all come along lol.

All the best for tonight guys. I hope you are all going to party well on into the wee small hours.

Janejill said...

Well I am sitting here wondering how your day has gone...wish I could have at least watched it, and I hope the day and the Book is a great success; sorry I wasn't around to make you tea the other night..I was hiding behind the sofa.x

Probably the best blog in the world said...

Dammit! I live in Manchester... about 25 minutes from Deansgate by car. Yet I couldn't make it.

The cruel NHS overlord made me work 130-930 and I was unable to rearrange shifts to go in search of Adam while I continue my personal search for Beth.

Hope you had fun. The blogger formerly known as Brum will see you another time.

Liz said...

Oh I wish I could come. But instead I'll be sending good vibes your way from Los Angeles. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Clare said...

It was lovely to finally meet you last week - you are just as nice and sparky as I expected you to be.

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey folks, floods and landslides are conspiring against me blogging at the moment. I am spending my life driving round the wilds of north yorkshire trying to find a route in to work that isn't blocked by sheep, huge boulders or hoards of diverted traffic.

The launch was wonderful. Caroline looked beautiful and amazing and calm and dignified. Sorry you couldn't all make it. Lovely to meet you too Clare....I'm so sure we have met before you know.

Back soon folks. When I am not living in my car.

Who-me? said...


Just wanted to say that having read your blog for quite a while now.....under the radar, so to speak, and been in stitches day after day (with you, not at you, honest) you are personally to blame for me starting a blog and all the crap that, no doubt, will be piled on it!

God! That is one long rambling sentence with very bad punctuation....hey ho!

Thanks alot though Ms M

Janejill said...

Ms M I will look forward to seeing you back; hope you don't get too bogged down...x

Ms Melancholy said...

Oh who-me?, I am very flattered! I have checked you out and I suspect you will become a regular read. Good to see you here. Welcome to the bizarre world of blogging!

Hey janejill, I am particularly bogged down at the moment. Check out Stray's blog for the pictorial evidence. And the landslide has still not been cleared. I'm sure normal service will be resumed shortly.

That's so pants said...

Glad the sequel isn't going to be called 'In Search of Stray, Badger and Ms Melancholy'.



Reissurääpäle said...

Have a nice summer Ms Melancholy


Anonymous said...

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austin said...

Hiya Ms Melancholy,

Just writing to say that I hope that you and fam are high and dry as here in Oz I have just seen pics of awful flooding in the north of England.


rivergirlie said...

glad the launch went so brilliantly. wish i had you coming to mine!

Ms Melancholy said...

Hey Pants, fortunately Stray and Badger escaped before they needed an ark, and I haven't quite yet needed to get a boat to work, although it is getting damn close to that. I'm sure I will be back in the land of the living soon.

Hey Reiss, you too! I didn't quite plan this blogging break, but I will definitely be having one in August for a few weeks. See you in the Autumn?

Hey Austin, thanks for your thoughts. We have escaped the worst of it here, although my route to work now takes 90 minutes instead of the usual 40. It could be so much worse. Hope you all Ok...

Hey rivergirlie, well I think we all made a pretty good team actually, so if you are looking for a rent-a-launch party I'm sure we could come to some arrangement! Is this the book on motherhood or another one?

rivergirlie said...

nah - this one's a novel - commercial fiction, about a busy woman - know any of those?

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